Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Football Dream

Bill Weather 10/19/11

4 days ago I had the 6 part dream of my prophetic watchman calling and in part 6 of the dream I was being drafted as a Defensive Back in the NFL. This seems to be the follow up dream from that.

I drempt I was in a football game. In this game I was playing quarterback. I threw the ball long to hit a receiver, but my throw was off. On the next play, I tried a shorter pass over the middle and threw the ball behind the receiver a bit. In the dream I was replaced as the quarterback because I was not good at the position.

It seemed to be the next drive and we were then playing defense. On a play, I had intercepted the ball as I was playing the defensive back position. In this dream I was a a terrible quarterback, but was an excellent defensive back, as was indicated in my high draft pick as a defensive back in the previous 6 part dream.

Then the dream switched and I was heading to a classroom with 4 other teammates. On the way to the class room I was saying we should get back onto the field and play, but they only wanted to go to the classroom. They had no desire to play, but to just go to class. I came to the point of frustration when we entered the classroom, trying to convince them to go back out onto the field with me and that's when the dream ended.

Soon after the dream ended I awoke and asked what this dream meant and the Holy Spirit began to speak. The Lord showed me the game is about spreading the word. The field is the world. The positions are different parts in the body of Christ. The quarterback position is the pastor. The receivers are the congregation. The running backs and offensive line are closer to the pastor. They are the elders, deacons and other leaders.

I asked, but Lord, "How can I be a defensive back when were supposed to be on the same team?" The Lord spoke, "Not when they are speaking contrary to my word." That is when I intercepted the ball in the dream. I am in that position to put in check what is being said and there is much contrary to what the Lord is saying in prophecy and doctrine out there, that some of the players are not on the Lord's team, but are deceived in playing out a word and teaching from the enemy.

The Lord showed me, I make a lousy pastor, as I was off target in throwing the ball, but I make an excellent defensive back, teaching and defending the truth of his word. Not every pastor is a teacher. They teach, but are not accurate in some things, but are well received. Watchmen are not prophets, but can at times, be prophetic, but are not well received. A watchman can get things prophetic from the Lord, but that does not make him a prophet. I can be off in my throws, but on in my doctrine. Quarterbacks, running backs, receivers and others on offense do not like those on defense. This is why I and the teachings are not well received in the body of Christ. Watchmen and prophets put them in check, something the modern day body of Christ has always been less than hearty about.

In the later part of the dream, with the classmates, just wanting to go to class and not be on the field playing, this speaks of the majority of Christians who want to just be church goers in the classroom of pew warming and listening to teachings and sermons they've already heard 100 times before. Many churches have become ingrown spiritual entertainment centers. The real work is out on the field, in the world, with evangelism, missions, feeding the poor and serving the people. The desire of the classmates to just go to church and sit through the classroom speeches is the fault of the quarterbacks who continue the entertainment cycle. We've had enough sermons! It's time to do the work! It's time for the over disciplining and the lack of equipping to end.

I pray we all are thoroughly equipped to give the work of God through us, one last massive push because the door is not always going to be open to give the soul saving word. The door of grace is open for just a short time longer. Let us press on with the work at hand. The time is short! The time is urgent! The time is now!
In Christ, Weatherbill.